Tuesday, January 26, 2010

All Time Favorite Cologne - Calvin Klein's "Obsession"

All my Life I've tried all different kinds of Fragrances and only one satisfies My Soul like Calvin Klein's "Obsession" for Men. I think it's the perfect scent for all Seasons and it seems that everyone that wears it gives it their own subtle signature. If I could only have one frgrance for the rest of My Life...it would be Calvin Klein's Obsession.

Best Modern Day Actor - Will Smith

If You can put all the Top Male Hollywood Actors (Present day of course) into one room, I would probably make a Bee-Line to Will Smith. He's Shown amazing versatility as an Actor in the film, "Six Degrees of Seperation" and even made Me shed a tear or two (or more) in films like "The Pursuit of Happyness" and "Seven Pounds".Even made me laugh in "Men in Black" parts 1 and 2. Needless to say his Action films like, "I Am Legend" "Independence Day", "I Robot" and more are all favorites in my DVD collection. It's no wonder He's one of Hollywood's Top Paid Actors.

Best All Time Entertainer - Janet Jackson

For Decades, Janet Jackson has provided the World with Music We can relate to.
Ever since I was a Kid, Miss Jackson has kept me waiting with baited breath to witness Her constant evolution as an Artist.We watched her grow from a Young,Shy innocent performer into a mature, sophisticated, sexually liberated and amazing Icon (Yes...She was MTV's very first).As a Humanitarian, her donations to Various unfortunate Countries have succeeded in touching my Heart. Her Music Videos and Concerts have always taken my breath away....and they still do... all these years later.

"The Rudy Award"

This Blog is acknowledgement of some of the things I Love ranging from Music, Movies and Television to Spoken Word Poetry, Gadgets and Social Networking Sites and other things We occupy our time with.Feel free to post and share your opinions or suggestions to explore new possible favorites. "And the Award goes to.................."